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Real Estate Project Development in the Health Sector

A promising and targeted project development in the construction of medical centers, hospitals and MVZ requires not only a construction site but a great deal of medical expertise.

Our experienced and highly qualified medical and nursing staff are as well involved in our business as our business professionals themselves and they work and contribute in the initial stages of our construction projects to ensure a very successful outcome.

Once our first outlines, such as location and objectives are clarified, we begin with the project design itself. In this economy, medical concepts and acquisition of suitable tenants are some of our most important issues. In these early stages, synergies with neighboring hospitals and between the medical disciplines must be created in the proposed construction to ensure a successful future supply chain.

We also analyze the short and medium term supply and demand situation, and thus the issue of sustainability for the proposed medical center taking into account the various factors of the site and location quality.

Then our tenants are selected and we give special consideration to their individual needs and requirements. Special conditions such as their individual medical requirements, size and nature of the areas, government regulations, construction quality, technical facilities with storage rooms and parking spaces are all incorporated into the planning.

Once all of these issues are resolved, we prepare rental contracts making the Health Centre/ MVZ a very successful place both for Doctors and Patients.

Curat Gmbh professionally monitors all aspects of projects right up from Construction, to the suitability of Patients which in return makes it a success and is rented out with a very good return.