Making medical businesses successful


Health care is one of the business sectors that will have to change radically in the next couple of years to be able to fulfil future requirements. Medical progress has lead to diagnoses and treatments of illnesses that are more sophisticated and quicker than was possible just a couple of years ago. The line between in-patient and out-patient treatment is already becoming indistinct and the businesses involved will have to adapt to these structures if they want to remain viable.

We will support you during this process of adaptation and will develop a strategy to make your business viable and successful. Our main focus is hospitals, however we also include rehab clinics, care facilities and out-patient centres such as doctors’ surgeries and medical centres. When necessary we either support the management or take over the administration of such businesses.

Dr. Josef Sebastian Oswald is the manager of Curat GmbH. With a team of experts, he works out solutions and puts these in action.